Technical Highlights and Roles of Mechanical Design Engineers

Technical Highlights and Roles of Mechanical Design Engineers
Mechanical Design

Technical Highlights and Roles of Mechanical Design Engineers

Technical Highlights and Roles of Mechanical Design Engineers

Mechanical design is one of the most fascinating industries now days. There are different types of softwares available for mechanical design, Analysis and manufacturing. Below mentioned are the details of the softwares.

The Technical Highlights of Mechanical Design are CAD Softwares-

1. CATIA V5:
CATIA V5 i.e., Computer Aided Three Dimensional Application Version5 is potent 3D parametric solid modeling software developed by Dassault Systems. It facilitates us the development of premium mechanical products. It allows customers to design shapes with 3Dimensional sketching and visualization features. Most notably, its engineering, design, and system engineering capabilities make it very functional for the product manufacturing industry.

2. CREO/Pro-E:
CREO is powerful software which is a mixture of various designing tools. It is widely used by many leading manufacturing companies all over the world. Creo is also called as Pro-E i.e., Professional Engineer and it is designed by PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation). Each CREO application provides unique purpose for product development. CREO can handle each feature of product design such as development of concept, designing and analysis. It also enhances communication with your clients, manufacturers or technical publication. The recognition of CREO, the demand of CREO Certification has enormously increased in the market.

3. NX/ UniGraphics:
NX is the software developed by SIEMENS. Normally it is known as UniGraphics (UG). NX facilitates CAD, CAM & CAE. NX is PLM (Product lifecycle Management) software having next generation designing features and technology.

Ansys is Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Software. Ansys facilitates future-generation, a steady engineering simulation and digital transformation. Ansys provides the virtual analysis of a part, product, dynamic analysis, etc. and provides us when can a material be failed or fractured. Ansys speeds up, makes efficient and makes the product design cycle simpler, from conceptualization to operation. This allows consumers to do extra work with simulation in less time – through improvisation to its pre and post processing tools and solver performance.

Advantages of CAD/ CAE Software’s

• Increase the productivity of the designer.
• Improve the quality of design.
• Improve communications through documentation.
• Increases Efficiency of a product.
• Decreases time on testing on CAE software's.
• Reduce the valuable time of designers.
• Accuracy and perfection is higher in CAD software's.

Roles and Responsibilities of Mechanical Design Engineer

The design engineers plays vital part in the development of every product in the mechanical industry below mentioned are some of important roles and responsibilities for mechanical design engineers

• Study plans for future generation of part or product models and inculcate approach for improvising upon current models.
• Join with entire team on the topic of Mechatronics and Mechanical design concepts and lead practical testing.
• Develop and build prototypes and run tests to measure their level of purpose.
• Supply technical support in the duration of assembly & installation of equipments.
• Create typical designs with the help of CAD software and produce assembly drawings, mechanical drawings & fabrication specifications.
• Revise designs to correct operational and production issues.
• Meet with suppliers, clients and project stakeholders to assess designs and alter as needed.
• Calculating cost approximation for finished product designs and releasing reports to supervisors, incorporating the costs of material, labor, delivery, etc.
• At the time of manufacturing of product, consult with the fabrication team, supply physical assistance and guide team on specification of designs when essential.
• Examine the products of competitors once in four months and collaborate with the development team to develop idea for creating our products as competitive and best ones in the market.
• To acquire the progress reports, get information about colleague’s progress, organize the steps to be taken in next week and get information about emerging trends in market, weekly meeting should be organized and attended.

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