Web Development & Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is an evergreen and continuously rising field which is demanding huge employability options. Clariwell Global has designed the best training program for digital marketing with website development. Clariwell has understood the current market requirement and created a perfect blend of two astonishing fields to fulfill the current market requirement and cater them with the skilled professionals in this field. Our Website Development and digital marketing course will be an excellent choice for entrepreneurs and stakeholders to create and drive a sustainable business. Candidates will be having bright future and career opportunities with these qualities.

Future For Digital Marketing And Web Development

The training program for digital marketing and website development has very bright future opportunities as it is designed to serve industries with a qualified web developer with perfect knowledge of digital marketing. Because of digital transformation, every business is entering into the digital world and it is a need of the hour. The internet of things has made everything very comfortable and easy; to stay ahead in the market almost all sectors are entering their businesses into digitized form to target their potential customer. With the rapid advent of online business, the demand of web developers and digital marketing professionals is increasing and this has created huge job opportunities for the aspirants in the upcoming days. The experienced person in this field can also work as a freelancer; there are many online companies which provide online projects to the individuals.

How We Stand Different?

With the perfect knowledge of the latest industry trends and requirement, we set a new benchmark in today's competitive world. Companies are expecting that every website developer should have basic knowledge of digital marketing to rank their website on Google Search engine. This training course not only brings best out of the candidates but also provides a guaranteed placement to them in reputed companies. Our candidates are trained in a real-time corporate environment with industry etiquettes and ethics. We also have industry expert trainers to train the candidates.

Why Go For This Course?

Today, Digital Marketing is one of the most booming fields in the software and IT industry. There are so many job positions available for any graduates with the highest salary packages and good designations. Nowadays Website Development is must concept for each business and is demanding quality professionals. Digital Marketing now at its highest level just because this field is very well established and provides result oriented output and profitable business. In our web Development and Digital Marketing Course, we are serving both the skills to fulfill today’s industry needs, this is the best choice to start your career in the website development with the knowledge of digital marketing and to start a career in the evergreen Software industry with attractive salary and secure and richest designation.

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Career Opportunities In Website Development & Digital Marketing Course

We promise to transform our candidates to become a more demanding employee in the market. This web development and digital marketing course with Clariwell is demanding lots of employment opportunities as a:-

  • Ad words Expert
  • Web Developer
  • Website Developer
  • SEO Manager
  • Website Designer
  • SEO Executive
  • Technical team lead
  • Project Manager
  • CRO Executive
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing Experts
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • Lead Generation Executive
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Inbound Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing & Website Development

Digital marketing is an ever-changing sector and it is now becoming a face of marketing to grow and enhance your business. It can be also defined as the marketing of a product or business utilizing a digital medium mainly through the internet, mobile phones, display advertising to reach the customers. The development of the website is the process of creating an online portal of the particular subject it also includes web design, development of content, scripting on server and client-side, database creation, network security, and configuration, etc. Digital marketing is becoming an essential part of everyone’s life due to the increasing use of Internet of things a very straightforward. Now a day’s digital age has changed the ways of marketing for the entrepreneurs, small-scale companies, brands & businesses. Now people are using digital devices for many applications such as shopping, booking movies, tickets booking, Internet banking and many more.

Technical Highlights

Following are the techniques used for Digital Marketing:-

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):-
Search Engine Optimization is an organic way of generating traffic from free, natural search results. There are two major parts of SEO namely crawling and indexing. SEO ranks the website and improves traffic with the help of unique and quality content and keywords.

Social Media Optimization (SMO):-
Social Media Optimization is the process of increasing the awareness of a product or brands by using multiple social media communities to gain viral publicity. SMO is dependent on the content, images, and videos and not on keywords.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):-
Search Engine Marketing has a wide application area it aims to increase the quality & quantity of traffic of the website. SEM ultimately helps to rank the website. Search engine marketing is a type of digital marketing which deals with the paid advertisement of a product that appears on a search result on a particular keyword.

Google Analytics:-
Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that tracks and reports traffic of the particular website. It was started by Google in 2005. It was a premium service used by enterprise users early days, now it is available in free trials. It enables the organization to analyze data from all points of interaction in one place to understand the customer’s review.

Lead Generation:-
Lead generation is a marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service to develop a sales pipeline. It is a very important concept in digital marketing. The digital channels are used to generate leads.

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Social Media Marketing:-
Social media marketing mainly is a promotion of business or brand on social networking sites. The major goal of SMM is to produce content that users will share with their social media and increases brand exposure and broaden customer reach.

Content Marketing:-
Content marketing includes the creation and sharing of online content like blogs, articles, social media posts and videos that will help us to promote our brand or business. The unique and meaningful content is the soul for digital marketing.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC):-
PPC leads traffic towards the website, in this type, an advertiser pays to a publisher or an owner of the website. The paid advertises of Digital marketing are comes under this topic.

Affiliate Marketing:-
This is a performance type of marketing there are business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor. In this type, you can offer affiliate marketing to others by signing up individuals or companies who are willing to promote their business.

Email Marketing:-
Email marketing is nothing but sending commercial and promotional messages to a group of people using emails.

Google Ad Words:-
It is a very vital and booming term in digital marketing. Our expert and experienced trainers are providing the best training for Google Ad Words. Ad Words is a paid online advertising service provided by Google. In this, the advertisers have to pay for advertising their product.

Concept Of Web Development

The web development is creating an online page of a particular theme or a product. It is categorized into two types out of which one is the front end or client-side development and another back ends development or server-side development. Front side development is dealing with the user interface and it is having a wide scope of employability. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to create the front end development. Backend development is a database development to support a frontend; it uses PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, Java, and Ruby on Rails, etc.

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